Are you looking for something to spice up your next date night? Why not try a mutual massage? These hot erotic massages will bring you and your partner closer and kick off a night of passion. If you’ve never done a mutual massage before, don’t worry. We’ve put together an at home guide for mutual massage just for you.

Mutual massages are incredible

If you’ve never heard of this kind of massage, you’re in for a real delight. Mutual massages are massages where both you and the other person give massages at the same time. You might take turns massaging each other or sit close to touch each other’s bodies. Mutual massages are incredibly sexy and fun. You’ll be ready to get under the covers after this kind of massage.

Try it at home with your lover

This is a great erotic massage to do with your lover at home. Both of you will get attention from each other without any wait. You’ll spend time exploring each other’s bodies, figuring out what makes each other feel good. This is an amazing way to learn more about your lover and what really turns them all. Run your hands all over their body and give them a massage to remember.

Make it a date night

You can plan for your mutual massage night with your partner. Have a bit of sexy fun by talking about how you want to touch them and which ways you hope to do it. Pick out massage oil together and find sexy music you both enjoy. Make sure to turn off those mobiles and lock the door! You certainly won’t want to be interrupted during this sexy massage.

Getting ready for your mutual massage

The great thing about mutual massages is that you don’t need to do a lot of prep. We recommend picking up a high quality massage oil since this is the best way to keep your skin smooth and soft during a massage. You can even warm it up! Another thing to consider is putting a sheet down where you’re going to do your massage just to keep things clean. No one wants to sleep in a wet spot.

Tips and tricks for giving a great massage

Don’t worry too much about whether or not you, or your lover, is good at giving massage. It’s all about the connection. But here are some tips on how to give a great massage and boost your skills:

  • Use massage oil generously. Don’t pour half the bottle in your hands but don’t be stingy either.
  • Warm your hands before touching your partner.
  • Ask them if there is anywhere they want you to touch (or not!).
  • Move your hands in a slow motion down muscles. Use even pressure all the way.
  • Focus on knots with gentle circular motions.
  • Remember that this is an erotic massage – use your whole body to massage your partner. Give them long slow kisses. Spend time lingering in erotic areas.
  • Take your time. Don’t rush and try to get things done and over with.

Things you might want for your mutual massage

Some things you might want to use for your mutual massage include a clean sheet or towels, massage oil, and candles. You could incorporate sexy food into your massages. Feeding each other is always a sensual experience. If you think things are really going to heat up, have safe sex items on hand. In general, think about what things you and your lover find sexy and what would bring a little more fun to the night.

Set the mood

Mutual massages are so sexy and erotic that you’ll want to set the mood beforehand. Here’s a quick list to check off to make sure you’re ready to go.

  • Have everything on hand and ready to be used. No need to be taking the plastic off of bottles once you start.
  • Set the temperature just right – you don’t want to be shivering!
  • Dim the lights. Use candles to create a sensual atmosphere.
  • If you drink, have a glass of wine beforehand to help ease into relaxation.
  • Play soft relaxing music that isn’t distracting.

Have a little check-in before you begin

A great thing to do before your massage begins is to sit down together and have a little check-in. Is there something they really need to talk about first that’s going to distract them? Are either of you really sore today? It doesn’t need to be a long complicated conversation, just a check-in on how you’re both feeling and to get you in the right headspace.

Focus on connection and intimacy

As we said, don’t stress too much about the quality of the massage itself. You’ll just lose track of what doing a mutual massage is all about. Take time to focus on your partner, do a breathing exercise with each other, or just spend time looking into each other’s eyes. A wonderful mutual massage will build connection and intimacy between you two. Let the outside world melt away and focus on nothing but each other.

Have fun with your lover

Mutual massages should be not just sexy but fun! Don’t take it too seriously – there’s nothing wrong with cracking a joke and making each other laugh. A mutual massage is all about doing something together and having a good time doing it. Have fun!

What makes you both feel good?

If you’ve been with your lover for a while, you surely have some idea as to what turns them and makes them feel sexy. Think of a few things and how they might be incorporated into your mutual massage. And think of your own sexy things! Don’t forget that this is mutual after all. What kinds of scents or music makes you both feel sexy? What will help you focus on each other? There are so many answers and so many things to try.

Embrace the sexiness and sensuality

The great thing about a mutual massage is that it is sexual and sensual all at the same time. You can flow back and forth between soft and sensual to verging on the edge of sex. Enjoy the ebb and flow between the two of you and let it happen naturally. It’s good to feel sexy and even better to feel sexy with your partner. Enjoy the atmosphere.

How to do mutual massage

Since mutual massage is, well, mutual, decide how you’re going to do just that. You can take turns massaging each other, focusing on one area at a time. Or you can sit face to face and massage each other’s chest and arms at the same time. Try out different positions and combinations to see what works for you. Don’t turn it into a tit for tat kind of thing though. This is about having a good time together.

Massage techniques

If you’re not sure how to massage another person in the first place, we’ve got some great tips. First, use warm massage oil to help your hands glide over their skin. Keep your hands flat and use long soothing strokes down their body. You can also move in circles or use your thumb to give more pressure. Listen to your lover and see if they want a little more attention on one area or another.

Have your very own happy ending

Since mutual massages are highly erotic, your mind will definitely drift towards what kind of ending you’ll both be craving. The great thing about mutual massages is that you’ll both be turned on and wanting to touch each other more and more as the night goes on. Massage each other just right at the same time and you’ll both have an incredibly satisfying ending.

Think about what to do after

We also suggest that you think about what you want to do after the massage is done. Do you want it to lead into a fabulous night of sex or lead your partner to a warm bath? Are snacks something you should have ready? How about water? A warm blanket? Having at least a little idea in mind of what to do after will keep you from trying to think it up on the fly.

Enjoy the lasting benefits

We all know that massage is beneficial for our bodies. Lower stress, tension relief, and so much more. But mutual massage can also improve your libido, deepen your connection with your lover, and help each other understand each other’s bodies better. You’ll become an expert on your lover’s body in no time flat with a mutual massage. Both of you will learn exactly how to turn each other on. That’s knowledge that lasts forever!

Don’t stress over the process

At home mutual massages should be about having a great and sexy time together. Don’t stress over whether or not everything is set up right or if you’re going to be any good. Your lover will appreciate all the effort you put into setting things up, no matter what. And don’t stress about what direction the mutual massage will go in. Whether it’s a happy ending, passionate sex, or just cuddling, it’ll be the perfect ending for you both.

Try something different next time

After your first mutual massage with your lover, you’re surely going to want to do it again and again. Try something different next time. A different scent of massage oil or incorporate a sexy food. You’ll have a great time exploring new things with your lover through mutual massage.

Want to try it with a professional?

Mutual massages are incredibly sexy and will make you feel amazing. It’s absolutely worth doing and experiencing at least once with a professional erotic masseuse. Our gorgeous masseuses are pros at mutual massage and would love to give you one. Maybe it’ll give you ideas for your next date night.

Have an incredible time with a masseuse

Getting an erotic mutual massage with a professional is an amazing way to have a great time. You’ll learn so much about your own body from our gorgeous masseuses! She’ll run her hands all over your body and know just how to make you feel good. And, just think, you’ll have so much knowledge to take back home to your lover.

We’re very discrete and private

Secret Tantric takes your privacy very seriously. Our masseuses work out of individual flats rather than a storefront so it never looks obvious as to what you are doing. We’re not going to kiss and tell!

Easy to find locations all over London

Our masseuses are located all over London so no matter where you work or play, there’s sure to be a sexy masseuse near you. Many of our masseuses are even located near tube stations to make it even easier to travel. You won’t have to go far for the best mutual massage in London.

Book with us right now

Give us a ring and we’ll get you set up with the best erotic masseuses in London. Browse our beautiful gallery of women and decide who you’d just love to have touch you. We’ll get you an appointment set up and you’ll be on your way. Ring us sooner than later, we book fast!

What Are You Waiting For?

Secret Tantric has dozens of girls available to take you on a sensual and erotic journey that you’re unlikely to forget.

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