How to give a Tantric Massage?

How to give a Tantric Massage?

The basics of how to give a Tantric Massage

Learning how to give a tantric massage isn’t hard, but it takes good practice and a lot of passion. A tantric massage is an erotic technique which guarantees strong orgasms and the release of sexual energy when done properly. The question is, what is the proper way? In today’s world, modesty isn’t as high priced as it used to be. So, things like these have quickly become popular. People seek to have one for the relaxing effect and the pleasure it gives. However, that can go wrong if the masseuse doesn’t have the skills for erotic massage. Therefore, I have compiled a list of steps to prepare and teach you how to give a tantric massage;

How to access your spirituality

Ground Yourself; the tantric massage is not only physical, but spiritual too. It helps the receiver release sexual energy and unblocks their sacral chakra. For that to happen, you need to ground yourself, relax and let positive energy flow through you. You can try meditating before a session, to clear out your mind and rid yourself of negative energy.

How to prepare the environment

Prepare Your Space; how you set up the scene in preparation for the receiver matters a great deal. If the space is dirty or messy, the receiver is less likely to relax and let you do your job. You could try dimming the lights, putting on soft and slow music, using clean towels and soft pillows or burning incense. Remember, this is an erotic massage, so do as much as you can to make the receiver comfortable. Remember that it takes a lot to trust someone with your body, especially your intimate areas.

How to let the energy flow

Energy Flow; after everything is set, you need to work on the energy flow between you and the receiver. You can start by sitting opposite each with your legs crossed and help the receiver work on their breathing. When you are both relaxed, just visualise the flow of energy between the two of you and let it flow.

Tantric massage pressure points

Tantric Massage Pressure Points; finding the pressure points is the easiest way to awaken the energy in the receiver. For men, focus on the groin area and the testicles, and the labia and the juncture of the thighs for women. The key is sensual stimulation, not an aggressive massage. Also try to maintain eye contact with the receiver, as it helps them to connect with you. It also gives you some insight on what they want if they aren’t able to communicate their needs. I hope this lesson on how to give a tantric massage is helpful, if you want to learn more, book a session with Secret Tantric on +447 856 666 686. 


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