Are you shy about trying a prostate massage? There’s no need to be nervous, especially when you see a professional  for the first time.  If you feel unsure or self-conscious about getting a prostate massage, this article will put your mind at ease. Keep reading for excellent reasons to pursue a professional prostate massage, even if you think you feel too shy. 

Something that we hear from clients all the time is, “I wish I had done this sooner.”. There’s no reason to wait or to hesitate, not when the most stunning erotic masseuses in all of London are waiting for your call. Unfortunately, we live in a society that makes it difficult and uncomfortable for people to pursue their erotic fantasy. Despite the shackles of our culture, prostate massage is on the rise in London. It is a never popular, ever-growing area of our business. If you are new to the world of erotic massage and adult entertainment, we absolutely recommend a session with a consummate professional like you will find that secret tantric.  Or, if you are well-versed in professional massages, but you want to make the leap to prostate massage, come and see us. 

What is prostate massage?

Prostate massage is a form of erotic bodywork that involves directly stimulating the prostate, via the anus. A full body on body erotic massage begins the session as your masseuse works with you to bring you to the brink of climax over and over. Penetration is necessary to reach the prostate but it is well worth the effort. Stimulation of the prostate causes it to engorge and become more sensitive. Because the prostate’s purpose is to create and house seminal fluid, orgasms achieved through prostate play are generally more intense and consist of considerably more ejaculate than the average climax. The purposeful draining of the prostate for pleasure is called “prostate milking” and it is almost always the goal of prostate stimulation. 

It will be an adventure!

If you have never seen a professional erotic masseuse, getting a prostate massage is an excellent excuse to finally go through with it. Likewise if you are new to prostate play or anal penetration, exploring that with a professional to guide you through the scene can be ideal. Not only will your masseuse know what she’s doing, you won’t have to think about or do a thing. All that will be asked of you is that you communicate your needs and comfort level clearly and that you relax and enjoy yourself. Sure, navigating these experiences alone gives you privacy, but navigating them with a sexy professional erotic masseuse gives you a better story to tell.

You’ll be in good hands

A prostate massage is easily one of the sexiest experiences you can have. You will be spending at least an hour with an absolutely gorgeous woman who is there to spend intimate time with you as well as handling your body in intimate ways. Our masseuses are incredibly skilled in the physical relaxation elements of massage. She will seem to know your body in a remarkable way, so surrender yourself to the pleasure and enjoy! You may be wondering how the sexy intimacy is achieved in a relatively short period of time and with a relative stranger. The short answer is you need to be prepared for the experience. You need to understand that as much as the masseuse that you’re with will accommodate you and make you comfortable, you also must be prepared to open up and receive the experience and participate in it. 

We value professionalism as much as you do

Working with a top-tier service like Secret Tantric means your experience will be professional from beginning to end. When you first call in about your appointment you will have all of your questions answered and your needs will be accommodated as soon as is effectively possible. If you feel unsure of the code of conduct for these sessions, check out our posts on massage etiquette. They will set your mind at ease! 

Feeling shy or sheepish? Try spiffing up! 

If you show up to your appointment in sweatpants and no one will say a word, however it is worth considering that in order to feel your best you must look your best. Once your appointment has begun and you and your masseuse have discussed and agreed upon terms, and you have paid, there is an expectation that you will shower before the session begins. This is not an uncommon requirement by erotic massage practitioners, for obvious health reasons. It’s essential for both parties that the experience be as non-intrusive and calm as possible. When you are finished with the shower you will, figuratively and  literally, be in her hands. You won’t have to do much more beyond that for the rest of the session besides being present and having the most absolutely amazing time.

Be prepared

Some minor preparations will help you be more confident and relaxed at your prostate massage session. 

  • Be well rested
  • Stay well hydrated in the days leading up to your session
  • Evacuate your bowels 2-3 hours before your session
  • Douching/irrigating is not required but it will give you an added sense of confidence and security

Practice is always an option

If you feel self-conscious or uncertain about a professional prostate massage, you could always try one out at home. DIY prostate stimulation is easy to do and doesn’t require much effort or preparation.

You will need the following:

  •  adequate time to relax and ease into the activity
  •  regular bowels to avoid accidents; be sure to evacuate at least 2 hours before
  •  plenty of quality lubricant, extra points if it is formulated for anal play
  •  your fingers or a small toy designed for prostate play

How to find the prostate

As mentioned, the prostate is a small organ. It is only the size of a walnut and it is located fairly deep within the pelvis. The only Surefire way to directly stimulate the prostate is through the rectum. Starting with your fingers is a good idea because it will give you the most control. be sure to use an almost excessive amount of lubrication. You can never use too much but you can certainly use too little. Remember, the anus and rectum are not self-lubricating like a woman’s vagina or a mouth. Gently work your fingers past the tights initial ring of the sphincter and gently ease your fingers into your body.  Press the pads of your fingers towards your stomach about 2-3 inches into the rectum.

The good touch

You will feel a firm spongy knob and touching it will produce a fairly overwhelming sensation at first.  Don’t forget to breathe deeply exhaling as you press or rub against your prostate. If you encounter a sensation that feels like an urgent need to urinate, you can ignore that unless your bladder is definitely full. When the prostate is engorged and excited it sometimes presses on the bladder causing the sensation of emergency without the actual need to pee. Do not be frustrated or disheartened if you lose your erection oh, this is very common and completely normal. 

If you choose to use toys

When you are experimenting with prostate massage at home, it can be tempting to put more than your fingers up there. It’s important to be aware that the human anus “swallows”  objects  so it is imperative that you only use toys designed for anal play. In order to be appropriate for anal play the base of the toy must be flared to prevent it from accidentally popping inside. Butt plugs and dildos can be highly stimulating, but they may not make it easier to massage the prostate. If you are in the market for toys for this kind of play, look for something that has been specially designed to hit the prostate.  They are often ridiculously shaped toys, but they do the trick.

Professionals don’t judge

Don’t let self-consciousness stop you from pursuing a prostate massage. We understand the pressure of being seen by a stranger and the insecurities that rise to the surface. Your masseuse is there to guide you through the experience and help you relax. She is there to connect with you, spend time with you, and provide you with the sensation and intimacy that prostate massage requires. You will never be made to feel inadequate or lesser than simply because you are not fit or have any disabilities or limitations. We can accommodate physical restrictions, just tell us what will feel good for your body and what will not. We do not want to aggravate old injuries or push your body into a state of physical exertion or stress that it cannot handle. The objective of your session is complete relaxation, eroticism and a sense of overall pleasure and satisfaction. 

Prostate health is important

Did you know that not only are orgasms incredible, they are also really healthy for you? The innumerable emotional and mental benefits aside, studies have shown that men who ejaculate more often tend to have healthier prostates and are at lower risk for prostate cancer. Ejaculating regularly is good for ‘cleaning out the pipes’ but a prostate orgasm, or milking the prostate, is even better. As men age prostate health becomes more important,  so it is important to try to keep your sex drive energetic and don’t hesitate chasing several orgasms a week.

Stick with the pros

Visiting a professional erotic masseuse is a learning experience. You will undoubtedly learn something about your body or yourself!  Prostate massage can be a mental hurdle for many men to get over. Once you have given yourself permission to explore and derive pleasure this way, the sky is the limit. There’s no reason that you have to muddle through this kind of exploration by yourself. You truly can hire a skilled Navigator and follow her lead all the way to climax.

Still feeling shy? 

Now that you know how to get the most out of your prostate massage, call us! If you haven’t already booked with us now is the time! The process couldn’t be simpler. Have a look through our masseuse page to see all of the beautiful girls that work with Secret Tantric and learn more about each of them. We aim to make the process of setting up your appointment seamless and simple to do. Just give us a call on the number below and book your Secret Tantric prostate massage in London today! Nothing Ventured, nothing gained!

What are you waiting for?

If you are ready to reap the benefits of prostate play while seeing a tantric therapist, give us a call. We want to make tantric therapy accessible and available for everyone. Give us a call today. A visit to a tantric therapist can put you on a path to self improvement and sexual freedom. 

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