Getting an adult massage can be a thrilling adventure. It has all the benefits of a regular massage along with the bonus of sensual and sexual atmospheres. But if you’ve never gotten one before, they can seem intimidating and you may have a lot of questions. We’re going to break down adult massage services so you can get one with confidence.

What is an adult massage?

Adult massage is any form of erotic massage. They are generally performed by sexy women in lingerie or even nude. They’re real massages but with the intent of bringing sensual or sexual energy to you. Masseuses may focus on your erogenous zones more. Or you may even want to have a happy ending. Adult massages are strictly for adults because of this.

Why should I get an adult massage?

Getting an adult massage is an experience all on its own. To have a beautiful woman rub you down and take care of all of your muscles is something to dream about. But you can have it be your reality. Adult massages have all the benefits of a regular massage and then some. Erotic massages can actually help you connect with your own sexuality or boost your confidence. These are some amazing benefits of adult massage.

What are those benefits?

Erotic massages have so many benefits it’s hard to list them all. Massages alone are stress relieving and soothing. They take away aches and pains and lower your blood pressure. Erotic massages have the extra bonus of boosting your libido and confidence. They can help you reconnect with your body sexually. Or with your partner if you get a couple’s massage. Erotic massages connect all aspects of yourself together. And, of course, it’s all done by a professional beautiful masseuse.

The best kind of stress relief

Massages are known for being stress relieving but erotic massages take it to a whole other level. Getting rid of stress is important for our health and our day to day lives. Erotic massage allows you to focus on your body and what you’re feeling and let go of all of that stress. You don’t need to carry it around anymore. Let our masseuses guide you through an excellent massage, including those wonderful erogenous zones, and let your stress melt away.

Taking care of you

Getting a massage is always about taking care of yourself. Whether that’s because you want to relax or you’re recovering from an injury, massages are a form of self-care. Adult massages are no different just because they have a sensual component. It’s important for all of us to slow down and take time for ourselves in this day and age. An erotic massage is an excellent way to do just that. Take care of your body and your sex drive all at the same time.

Here are a few kinds of massage

It can seem like there is a lot of options when looking to get an erotic massage. Secret Tantric is proud to offer several different kinds of adult massage services. Some of what we offer:

  • Tantric
  • Nuru
  • Lingam or yoni
  • Deep tissue
  • Couples massage

For more in-depth information, take a look around our blog. We have tons of articles for you to read and learn about erotic massage.

All of these massages focus on relaxation and stress-relief. Lingam and yoni massages are specifically focused on genital regions and are often combined with another massage. And, yes, we do offer couples massages for folks who are looking for something spicy to do together.

Who can get a massage?

Any adult can get a massage. This means anyone of any gender, age, size, race, or anything else. There is no discrimination when it comes to getting an erotic massage. We believe that all adults deserve to have a relaxing erotic massage. Don’t be shy about your body or any limitations you may have. Our masseuses have worked with lots of clients and are happy to adapt to you.

What if I do have limitations?

If you have any kind of physical limitations, whether that’s a disability or you simply don’t like being touched a certain way, please share with your masseuse. She’s eager to help you feel wonderful but needs to know what you’re not okay with. You’ll have a discussion before the massage begins to share your limits but don’t be afraid to speak up during the massage if something doesn’t feel good.

Bring your partner

Secret Tantric does offer couples massages. This may be a great way to dip your toe into adult massage if you’re very nervous. Come with your partner to enjoy a great, sensual massage together. Besides, doesn’t it sound sexy to watch your partner get rubbed down by a hot masseuse in lingerie? Many of our couples find that erotic massage helps them reconnect on a deep level. And it can even help you reconnect in your bedroom at home. Couples massages are an amazing way to treat yourself and your partner all at once.

What does an appointment look like?

From beginning to end, your appointment is all about you and your relaxation. You’ll begin with a brief conversation about expectations and limits for both you and your masseuse. You’ll also pay at the beginning of the hour rather than at the end. All of our clients are then asked to take a quick shower before your massage begins. You have a full 60 minutes for your massage appointment so settle back and let your masseuse work her magic.

How long is an appointment?

All of our massage appointments are 60 minutes unless you pay for more time. We believe that this is enough time for you to have a quick conversation with your masseuse about limits and boundaries, your shower, and then your massage. Having a whole hour means that your masseuse can really take her time and devote herself to taking care of you. You’ll spend an hour being rubbed and massaged, descending into a wonderful bliss like state. It’s absolutely worth it.

What will I be massaged with?

Secret Tantric masseuses only use the best quality massage oils. Our massage oils are made with the finest ingredients to give your skin a luxury experience. Your masseuse will warm the massage oil before she applies to your skin for an extra soothing sensation. If you have any allergies, be sure to let your masseuse know she can use the appropriate oil for you.

Do a little preparation

There isn’t much to do to be ready for a massage. But here are a few tips to give yourself the best results:

  • Eat lightly and drink plenty of water beforehand
  • Do some stretching if possible to loosen your muscles
  • Use the restroom before your massage to avoid interruptions
  • Be relatively clean and dress in comfortable clothing

Do I have to get nude?

Whether or not you get nude is up to you. For many of our massages, nude is better since it gives your masseuse full access to your entire body. Nuru massage, for example, is best done when both parties are nude since it’s full body to body contact. If you’re uncomfortable or just not ready, you can leave your underwear on. Your masseuse has seen all kinds of bodies so it’s okay to take the plunge and strip all the way down. She’s ready to take care of you no matter what you look like.

You don’t have to converse

Talking with your masseuse during your massage is completely optional. If you would prefer to just focus on being touched and all the sensual sensations, that’s perfectly fine. Don’t feel obligated to hold up a conversation just because you think it’s the polite thing to do. Your masseuse wants you to feel good, this is all about you after all. If you do like to chat, please keep your conversation polite and appropriate. Chatting and flirting is okay but inappropriate or personal questions are not. Respect your masseuse’s boundaries around what she is and isn’t willing to share.

Happy endings and you

Happy endings are perfectly legal in London. There’s also absolutely nothing wrong with having one. They may be taboo but in fact sexual release is very stress-relieving and soothing. You may find that after an hour of sensual massage by a sexy woman, a happy ending is exactly what you’re craving. However, it’s perfectly okay to not have one and simply enjoy the massage as it is. Our masseuses are happy to accommodate you either way.

Are the masseuses actually beautiful?

All of our masseuses look exactly like their pictures. We don’t believe in any kind of bait-and-switch tactics at Secret Tantric. Some of our masseuses are even models. You’ll be getting a real professional erotic massage from a sexy woman you’ve picked out. She’s going to take the very best care of you.

Our masseuses are professionals

Great erotic massages are something a person has to learn how to do. Other places may give you a hasty rub and call it good but we believe that you should be getting a real massage. All of our masseuses are professionally trained and educated on the human body. They know exactly how to take care of your body, reduce your stress, and soothe your muscles. Our masseuses are going to give you a real, professional massage, just with a touch of sexiness.

Where are you located?

All of our masseuses work independently meaning we don’t have a central massage studio. You’ll typically travel to your masseuse for an in call massage at her private flat. We have many masseuses located in different parts of London so there is always someone conveniently located near you. This allows our masseuses to remain independent workers and gives you a great level of discretion.

In call, out call, what’s the difference?

In call massages are when you travel to the masseuse. You’ll go to her private flat and have your massage done there.

In call massages are very discreet since you’re just going to someone’s apartment. You’re not having to deal with nosy hotel desk clerks or anything like that. All of our masseuses are in convenient locations around London.

Out call massages are when the masseuse travels to you. Typically, you’ll meet at a hotel although very special clients can sometimes have masseuses travel to their homes.

What are the masseuses’ flats like?

Our masseuses’ flats are maintained at a five star level of comfort and beauty. All of your senses will be soothed through beautiful scents and luxury towels. Imagine flickering candlelight and soft relaxing music as you’re welcomed inside. They’re as elegant as a hotel without any of the downsides. All of our masseuses are in convenient locations all around London so you won’t have to travel far for the best massage in London.

Should I tip?

Tips are never expected but always appreciated.

Give adult massage a try

You may not fully understand adult massages until you actually try one. Don’t worry about doing something wrong or incorrectly – our masseuses are more than happy to guide you. You’ll be getting a royal treatment no matter what kind of massage you pick out. And you can always come back again to try a different one. Give erotic massage a try at least once in your life – you won’t regret it.

Book with us today

Now you’re ready for your first erotic massage! Don’t feel nervous or too shy about getting an adult massage. You’ll definitely enjoy it and be back for more.

Browse our website and read our masseuse’s profiles. Take a look at all the different kinds of massages that we offer and decide what sounds right for you. Then just give us a ring and we’ll help you set up an appointment for the best massage in London.

What are you waiting for?

Erotic massage is a luxury, but also an important part of your sexual health maintenance. Looking to relax? We can meet your every need.

Whether you are looking for a lingam massage or sensual full body tantric massage, we have what you want. Our girls are the most beautiful in London, if not the world! We are absolutely confident that every session you booked with us will be better than the last. No matter your reasons for booking with us, we will always leave you satisfied, to whatever degree you desire.

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