An adult massage is a growing industry all across the world. In London, adult massage has skyrocketed in the last decade or so. It is now one of the fastest-growing areas of the adult industry. It may not be for everyone, but it’s an enjoyable option for those seeking it. Like all experiences in the adult-only world, it’s essential to research and knows what you’re getting into before your first adult massage encounter. However, you’ll find there’s much less to be nervous and unsure about than you might assume. This article will look at how adult massage is misunderstood while debunking myths and stereotypes about it.

Like many forms of adult entertainment, adult massage leaves a funny taste in many people’s mouths. The more prudent may think it is pox in our society. Others may feel more live-and-let-live about it. There are a million and one reasons that adult massage is misunderstood. Many reasons make it a viable and valuable activity with many benefits for its clients.  The myths and stereotypes about adult massage are deeply entrenched in our cultural beliefs;  breaking away from such significant taboos can be challenging.  Let’s examine some of the specific myths and stereotypes about adult massage. Don’t let them stop you from trying this exciting and rejuvenating experience.

Myth: adult massage doesn’t involve massage

Many people believe that an adult massage is not a massage. Many people misunderstand that an adult massage is a pornographic experience that does nothing for the physical body beyond arousal or release. Nothing could be farther from the truth! An adult massage is a quality; it simply has the bonus of being sexually stimulating. An adult massage focuses on anticipation, sexual tension, and building towards a gratifying finish once the work of the actual massage is complete. Because so much of an adult massage is about physical contact, many clients opt for a body to body massage where their entire body is connected with the body of their masseuse. The masseuse will use her hands, legs, feet, and body weight to perform the massage. Generally, the client is naked, and the masseuse is nude or topless.

Stereotype: adult massage is only for horny men

For people who misunderstand the purpose of an adult massage, it’s not a giant leap to presuppose that it is only for horny men. Clients of all genders enjoy an adult massage without extras or below-the-belt touching. For some people, the deep relaxation of a massage comes from the energy between them and their masseuse. Activating these primal energies can intensify the focus and relaxation of the massage and deepen the state of wellness that the client experiences. For these reasons, it’s not just horny guys who prefer a more intimate massage. Across the board, women comprise about 7% of all adult massages in the UK. That may be a higher number than you’d expect, but adult massage by a woman can be very comforting and safe for a female client.

Myth: adult massage is lurid and improper

There are many puritanical and limited views on the adult industry, including adult massage, but also extending to Exotic dancers and escorts. Being open to the experience of an adult massage requires a certain degree of sex positivity and confidence in the decision. Indeed, if adult massage seems lurid and improper to you, you don’t need to partake. But for many, it is a safe and transactional way to experience a different kind of intimate exchange and broaden their sexual horizons.

Stereotype: all adult masseuses are sex workers

Generally speaking adult masseuses set their own limitations and their own rules so they only do what they are comfortable doing. In many cases, adult masseuses have a secret menu of services that go beyond simply a scantily clad massage; for some, that does not include any extras. Others are willing to give a happy ending to the massage, and others are up for just about anything. However, this does not mean that all adult masseuses are sex workers. They work on the fringes of the adult industry, but that is not a good reason for any client to overstep or assume the kind of experience available to them. It’s best to communicate clearly and frankly with your masseuse. She may recommend you to a colleague if she does not provide the services you want.

Myth: any woman performing massages must be under duress

We live in a world where women are at risk for exploitation and other nefarious deeds. While some of these women end up in terrible positions, that does not mean all women working in adult massage are working against their will. Some work alone, and others in agencies that take care of the advertising and promotion and leave the massage to the masseuses. For many women, a career in adult massage can be incredibly lucrative and empowering. 

Stereotype: adult massage is for cheaters

Many people think that adult massage is a convenient way for cheaters to cheat. Sure, some people experience the touch of someone new outside of their marriage. Depending on the rules of your relationship, this may or may not be a viable option. However, every adult massage is different, so it’s nearly impossible to say it is “for” cheaters. It is unfair to paint all people partaking in adult massage with the same brush, primarily if it provides balance and perspective in their relationships, not pain or difficulty.

Lots of options

Any form of massage can be transformed into an adult massage by putting the focus on eroticism, not just physical therapy. Adult massage comes in many formats. Whether you need a full body massage, head-to-toe rub down, something slicker and more sexy like a nuru massage, or an old fashioned pummelling from a Swedish massage, if you need it, you can find it.

Know before you go

Remember, just because a massage agency doesn’t fall into every stereotype doesn’t mean it’s a quality establishment. Look for licensed legal agencies, and always ensure that their masseuses are above the age of majority wherever you are. Doing business with a massage company that employs minors is not only illegal for the company and you but also unconscionable. For your safety and theirs, be sure that masseuses are of age and that their working environments are suitable.

A little preparation goes a long way

You are giving things time and consideration before your appointment can pay off in the long run. You’ll want to eat a light meal 1 to 2 hours before your appointment. You’ll also want to be well hydrated, as this will help your muscles relax more quickly and thoroughly during the massage. However, remember to use the facilities before your appointment starts so you don’t have to interrupt things to run to the loo.

Prep for penetration

Suppose you know that your massage session is going to include anal penetration for prostate stimulation. In that case, you may wish to irrigate (douche) your bowels beforehand and, at the very least, evacuate them about 2 hours before. This will help ensure that there are no messy accidents or surprises. Many masseuses require clients to shower upon arrival, even if they have bathed that day. The hot water makes your skin more receptive to the massage oil. You will also be allowed to shower quickly before you leave, so you don’t have to spend the rest of your day steeping in massage oil.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself

An adult massage is a great way to relax and loosen up. It can provide all sorts of physical and mental benefits! It can also be important touch and contact, should your life lack that. Whether you want to kick back and relax or legitimately enjoy some muscle therapy, an adult massage is arguably the most fun version of self-care you can go for. If it’s your first time, don’t be stressed. Allow yourself to be taken along on the journey by your masseuse. She will help you reap the benefits of her skilled touch and gorgeous assets. You deserve it!

It’s super easy to book with us

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