Intimate massage is a powerful tool for any couple to utilise. Through this sensual and connecting activity, you’ll be brought closer together than ever before. Deepen your connection through intimate massage by exploring each other’s bodies, paying closer attention to each other, and reigniting sparks like you never have. Explore ways to give your lover a wonderful, sensual experience and deepen your connection through intimate massage.

What is intimate massage?

We’re all familiar with the concept of massage – visiting a beautiful spa, paying a professional masseuse, and enjoying an hour of relaxation. Intimate massage takes things one step further by bringing a deep sense of sensuality, and sexuality, to the massage table. This kind of massage includes every part of the body and includes exploring arousal and even orgasms as part of the massage. Intimate massage is a beautiful thing for couples to explore together to reconnect. You don’t have to be a massage expert to reap the benefits of an intimate massage.

What happens during an intimate massage?

When you go to get a professional massage, your masseuse doesn’t massage parts of your body. Breasts and genital areas are avoided and motions aren’t intended to turn you on. An intimate massage doesn’t avoid these areas but instead embraces them as part of the massage experience. Let your hands roam over your lover’s breasts and massage them gently like you’d massage their thighs. Slide a hand between those thighs and tenderly massage that sensitive area. The goal isn’t to dive into sex but to enjoy each other’s bodies and connect deeper. Sometimes orgasms happen, you might end up having sex, but your focus should be on the massage.

Sensuality: how to nurture it

You might wonder what the difference between sensuality and sexuality is. Sensuality focuses on the body and all five senses, while sexuality is all about physical intimacy and self-love. Think about it this way – kissing can be soft and sensual and done for the enjoyment of it or it can be hot and heavy, used as a way to get into bed together. Sensuality is what you want to nurture during an intimate massage. So consider soft sheets if you’re going to massage on the bed. Comforting scents, gentle music, and delicate-tasting foods can all contribute to the sensual atmosphere. Remember that this isn’t about trying to get into your lover’s pants but about enjoying the moment with them.

Connecting with each other

It’s important for couples to slow down, look into each other’s eyes, and remember why they’re together. In our busy world, it’s easy to find ways to put off date night and not spend that intimate time together. Too tired, too busy, not enough energy. Whatever the reason is, it’s time to put them aside and set yourself and your lover up for an evening of reconnection through intimate massage.

Our connections with our lovers are important to tend to and foster. Intimate massage provides a unique way of feeding that connection and feeling like you’re making each other a priority for a while. You’ll reinforce the feeling of alignment and intimacy between the two of you and bring you closer together. All through the power of a sensual intimate massage.

So why use intimate massage?

There are certainly other ways that you can cultivate connection and sensuality with your lover but intimate massage is special because it truly forces you to focus on each other. There’s no distractions, nothing else to think about. Your whole world should just be each other’s bodies and the sensations you’re exploring together. Intimate massage is also probably something you haven’t done before so it’s a great way to introduce something fresh and exciting to your relationship.

There’s also something to be said about the effort put into preparing for an intimate massage and the time taken to prepare for one. Your lover will surely appreciate all of the work you put into preparing the space, getting supplies, and ensuring that there are no distractions or reasons to get side-tracked. All of these actions will have your partner feel loved and tended to. Your care and desire for them will show through these actions.

Get closer, emotionally

Intimate massage is a great way to bring you both closer together emotionally. Being naked in front of another person is inherently a vulnerable act. Letting someone touch you all over is vulnerable. And it’s certainly an act of trust to let them touch your most intimate parts. All of this adds up to a deep emotional connection when you do this with another person. Get closer through intimate massage. Build up that trust between each other as you massage and caress each other’s bodies. Take the time to really honour how your lover is feeling in the moment and don’t go off script all of a sudden.

Harness the power of oxytocin

Oxytocin is also called the bonding hormone. This hormone is what helps us feel closer to other people. It gets released when we experience moments of warmth, relaxation, and contentment. An intimate massage is perfectly set up to generate those feelings. As you massage your partner, their body will be flooded with oxytocin and help them feel closer to you. You’ll experience the same phenomenon. Take advantage of this through intimate massage and let it deepen your connection to each other. Oxytocin can be a powerful tool in your relationship and one you should use to bring you closer than ever before.

Get closer, physically

Along with being brought together closer emotionally, intimate massage will bring you together physically. Physical intimacy is extremely important for any relationship but especially a romantic one. Touching each other reinforces our desire for one another, our interest in each other. Touch is supremely powerful and taking the time to give an intimate massage will harness that power.

When we feel desired by our partners, we feel secure and wanted. We enjoy happiness in our relationships and want to be in them more. Use intimate massage as a way to foster that security and happiness. You’ll strengthen the physical intimacy between the two of you and feel better about everything in the relationship.

Enjoy doing something new

It’s likely that you and your partner have never done intimate massages together. Doing something new together is also a great way to bond with your lover. It’s been found that doing new things together helps create security between two people. The more secure a person is, the more satisfied they are by their relationship.

On top of that, you’re touching each other in new ways, feeling new sensations, and being loving towards each other. Intimate massage is a whole different way of initiating something special between the two of you. It’s not the usual drinks and dinner but a whole new entirely sensual experience. It’s special and unique.

Set the scene for your intimate massage

Think sensual! Start with setting aside enough time to really enjoy yourselves and getting rid of any possible distractions. Then start to think about the five senses – what can you do that’s soft and gentle for each of them? Is it soft silky sheets on the bed? Warm massage oil? Delicate and sweet treats for afterwards? Pick out gentle soothing music, not club hits. Find scents that you both enjoy (and aren’t allergic to) for your massage oil options. You want the area you’re going to do the massage in to feel warm and welcoming. Think romantic and sweet rather than flirty and sexy.

Begin your massage

Once you get your lover on the bed, nude of course, start your massage with warm massage oil. Use plenty of it to avoid any uncomfortable friction. Begin with their shoulders and neck and work your way down their body. Don’t worry about being perfect. Focus on going slowly and spending time on different parts of their body. Linger in areas that make them sigh or moan. Remember that you want them to feel the attention you are giving them so don’t hurry through the massage. Take your time. Move slow. Use long smooth strokes up and down their body. Don’t press too hard so you don’t hurt them but use firm pressure. And, of course, adjust any movement or force to your lover’s preferences.

Enjoy each other’s bodies

You can take turn giving intimate massages or just focus on one of you at a time. Either way, take the time to enjoy exploring each other’s bodies. This is what’s going to increase that physical intimacy and foster a deep connection with each other. Linger in sensitive parts, use your fingertips then full hand to change sensations. Take your time exploring their naughty bits and don’t worry about making them orgasm. This is all about exploration and learning something new. Make sure you stay focused on giving them a wonderful sensual experience and don’t get too excited that you lose sight of that.

Let the heat build naturally

As your intimate massage progresses, let the heat between the two of you build. Don’t chase it, don’t force it. Stay focused on the massage for as long as possible but you certainly may find yourself aching for each other by the end of it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Let go of any goals and expectations of sex before you begin though so you can enjoy the intimate massage exactly for what it is. Enjoy your lover’s hands running over your body. Enjoy touching your partner’s most intimate areas without any pressure to achieve a goal. Let the sparks fly between you without feeling like you need to do something with them and you’ll have an amazing time.

Make it a night, explore new things

Make intimate massages a regular part of your romantic life. Your connection is always growing and changing, the stresses of your life getting worse or different. Take the time to regularly give each other intimate massages to help maintain and deepen that connection over time. Try different massage oils or music. Decide if you like silk sheets or bamboo instead. Explore using things like soft rabbit fur or silky fabrics to bring new sensations to the massage. You can also explore different kinds of intimate massage like tantric techniques or add in a little bondage for spice. The more you explore intimate massage together, the more you’ll learn about each other and the closer you’ll be.

Keep your connection healthy

Intimate massage is just one way that you can take care of your relationship connection. Use it judiciously and keep your relationship happy, healthy, and intimate. Any time you feel like you might be drifting a part or just having a hard time, book a night for intimate massages together. Putting aside that time will mean so much to each of you and you’re sure to have a wonderful time no matter how the night turns out. Make intimate massage an important part of your relationship and you’re sure to keep having a wonderful, deep connection for as long as your relationship lasts.


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