Historically people viewed tantric massage in London in a negative light and practiced tantra arts in private. With the exposure of the benefits these different types of tantric therapy bring, tantric massage is now widely recognised in London for its healing properties. Erotic massage doesn’t just help you heal physically, it’s also great for your mental health. Tantra massage was first introduced in ancient Indian and became popular among people in the 1960s.

Foreplay and Tantric Therapy

Tantric massage is a special type of therapy which uses soothing touch to convert sexual energy into healing energy. The main objective of tantric massage is to give pleasure rather than orgasm. But sometimes they can also end with an orgasm. It involves massaging the genital areas as well as other body parts. With the help of tantric massage, you can uncover your deepest desires and learn more about your intimate parts. Foreplay with a tantric massage in London can help you unwind your senses and body. With the help of accessories, one can make it more sexual. To avail, the benefits of tantric massage in London call us now or visit our website. We will provide you with the best erotic masseuse to serve and provide you with the best erotic experience.

Prerequisite for Tantric massage:

  1. Scented oils: tantric therapists use different types of oils and creams for this process. Importantly, heat oils at room temperature so that it gives a soothing effect on skin and relax your muscles. Different types of oils and creams are used for this process. Oils should be heated at room temperature so that it gives a soothing effect on skin and relax your muscles.
  2. Massage table or bed: if you are planning on giving Secret Tantric therapy to your partner or getting an incall therapy, then you should be lying on the bed or a table. The bed is preferable as in most of the therapies; body slide technique is used.
  3. Normal room temperature: your room should be at an adequate temperature. Normal room temperature help you relax and settle for the therapy ahead. If the room is hot, then it can make you sweat and provide an unpleasant experience.
  4. Lighting: you can use some scented candles to lighten the mood. The lighting should be dim but not too dark. If there is too much light, then you won’t be able to focus and can ruin your experience.

The massage commences:

To begin the tantric therapy, lie the receiver face down on the table or bed. Put your right hand over the back of receiver’s heart, and you left hand over the small area between receiver’s buttock and back. Breathe calmly to relax and feel the energy flow. Now begin the tantric massage by gently pressing alternatively with your right and left hand in a rhythm. If you breathe and relax, you can feel your energy flowing from your sacral chakra to your heart.

After this use warm oil and start massaging the back. Start in the middle of the body spreading energy from the sacrum up through the spine to the head. Focus on every part of the body, including fingers and feet and toes as this is where energy channels begin. When finished, ask the receiver to turn over. You can massage them on their body and head, moving down from the head to their feet, moving energy through the whole body and into the pelvic region.

Guide to providing tantric therapy for a man

  1. You should start with massaging the testicles and groin, waking up the sexual energy in the human body. This area has many pressure points, so rub firmly and slowly over and around this area.
  2. Move the energy up from the groin to the base of the lingam. Move slowly and gently making constant eye contact with the receiver.
  3. Use enough essential oil, and start massaging the lingam with gentle strokes. Again, move slowly towards the head whilst increasing the energy flow. The trick here is to go-slow with a soft touch.
  4. Lightly massage the head of the lingam. The head’s connected to the heart, and you can also put a hand on his heart to maintain the energy flow.
  5. The purpose of tantric massage is not always orgasm; it’s also about creating a flow of energy throughout the body. This makes the recipient attain a full-body orgasm. For men, this is a sensual tantric massage technique that makes tantric therapy in London so popular.

Guide for providing tantric therapy for women

  1. Start with slow strokes on her body and bring the energy down to her thighs.
  2. Use the essential oil around her groin and yoni. The key is to be gentle and slow. Spend some time around the area rather than going straight to her yoni.
  3. Avoid direct toughing the clitoris and massage very slowly and gently. Slowly sweep up and down between the inner and outer labia with the index finger.
  4. Slowly move your finger towards the entrance of her yoni.
  5. Rub gently and slowly into the walls of her yoni, smoothing out any hard spots and softening the muscles.
  6. Find her cervix and massage gently. Stroking the head of the cervix is an excellent way to awaken the sexual energy.
  7. Find her g-spot and give her a time to remember.
  8. When finished, help her to relax by running your hand up and down her body.

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