7 of the many Health Benefits of Erotic Massage

This article covers the 7 health benefits of erotic massage. It’s important to know that one must be naked to experience erotic therapy. Erotic massage provides a great way to learn more about yourself and builds a stronger connection with your partner. These techniques allow you to explore sexual energy in many different ways. It’s proven to be the best way to relieve stress and is much more exciting than having an ordinary massage after a long day at work.

Erotic therapy can strengthen you emotionally and keep you physically fit. To achieve these benefits in London, you can book an appointment with Secret Tantric on our website or call us on 07856 666 686. We provide professional tantric therapy in Kensington, Mayfair, Park Lane, Bayswater and all the key areas in Central London such as Park Lane, Hyde Park and Westminster.

In London, erotic masseuses use different types of aromatic oils and creams during session. Most London tantric masseuse apply oil to body parts and then use carefully pressured massage strokes to obtain sexual arousal. Throughout history tantra therapists used sensual massage for medical purposes. With any sensual massage, ambience is key to success. It will help your partner to relax and help them feel at ease. You can enjoy the sensual moment with your partner or a professional masseuse. Different forms of erotic massage use varying strokes for different purposes . Generally, tantric massage keeps our muscles healthy, and also refreshes the mind to keep your senses alert. Here are 7 health benefits of having a Secret Tantric massage:

1. Erotic massage benefits the immune system 

It has been long proven that sensual massage helps boost the immune system. It’s scientifically proven that receiving a regular massage can increase the count of white blood cells in the body, which prevents us from various diseases. Combining tantric with an ordinary massage will produce sensational benefits. It is a fact that people having regular tantric therapy have significantly more antibodies. If you want to remain healthy then erotic therapy is key. 

2.Erotic massage reduces stress and tension 

The main reason for having erotic therapy in London is stress relief. When combining erotic touch with tantric massage the results are much better. Tantric therapy cures sore muscles and eliminates stress and helps remove physical and mental trauma. The excitement of a happy ending increases the dopamine (a feel-good hormone) which maximises pleasure and stimulates a happy mindset for the receiver. It’s proven that hose who have regular orgasms are more satisfied than those who don’t. Tantra therapy is one of the best forms of stress relief. 

3. Erotic Massage reduces the risk of prostate cancer 

A study found that people having regular orgasm are less prone to prostate cancer. A new break through in science suggests that squeezing of the bosom helps to reduce malignant cells from causing cancer of the breasts. The pressure used in the squeeze can help regulate cells and provide a balanced pattern of growth. 

We always want to say fit but never do anything about it. Well, erotic therapy also counts as an exercise. Science shows that the soothing strokes of tantric therapy can burn a lot of calories. Why use a treadmill when a hot sensual masseuse can do the work for you. 

5. Tantric massage increases sexual stamina 

Practice makes a man perfect is true in this case. Regular secret tantric massages can help increase endurance in the bedroom. The benefit of tantra therapy is that you learn a lot about yourself which helps you attain the most from your sexual encounter . Providing an erotic massage will provide your partner with an erotic experience they will never forget. 

6. A VIP massage can reduce aches and pains 

Fed up with taking a large amount of paracetamol and pain killers to get rid of aches and pain. Well, you don’t need to now because our VIP massage can help you abandon them. The sensual touch of a hot masseuse can help free your body of pain. During tantric therapy the body releases hormones which act as a natural painkiller which can eliminate headache, backache and more. 

7. Erotic massage therapy helps the heart 

Many people say that the key to a good heart is a good sex life because it increases heart rate. It also helps to keep your testosterone in check. When the quantity of these hormones in the body decreases, it can cause a lot of problems in the human body. So, if want to maintain a healthy heart then sensual massage helps. 

Book an erotic masseuse in London 

Book an erotic massage in London now and avail the perks that come with them. Secret Tantric provides professional tantra therapy services in London. You can book a masseuse any time, and they will be with you within 1 hour. We are always there to help as your satisfaction is our aim. We provide you with London’s most trustworthy and top-rated masseuse to maintain the highest standards. Our professionally trained tantric masseuse take good care of hygiene and only use good quality products during tantric therapy.

Incall and Outcall Massage Therapy in London

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