21 things you need to know about tantric massage. I could include more, but for now, this information should get your erotic massage sessions a good base to start from.

1. Set aside some time for the tantric massage

Tantric massage needs to have some time to provide the experience it’s meant to provide. It can’t be converted into a quickie experience. You need to keep in mind that it’s different from a chair massage that you can have any time in ten minutes. For any kind of erotic massage to work well, you need to take more time out of your daily schedule devote more time into becoming emotionally connected with your partner. Only then can the magic of a tantric massage start.

2. Relax and do not take pressure to orgasm

There should be no pressure on any partner involved in the tantric massage, be it a yoni massage, lingam aqua massage, body to body massage or a lesbian massage. There is no requirement of maintaining an erection of your male partner or doing it for a specific motive.

3. Get some privacy and set up an environment

You need to have a comfortable, safe and private room for you and your partner. The session is going to take some time, so you must be able to relax with privacy. You can use scented candles and soft music to help create a comfortable setting.

4. It is not only about the private genital massage

Before stepping towards the lingam massage or yoni massage, you need to go through all the other body parts. You need to have a nice foreplay before getting to the main thing. The massager can play around the body slowly and gently. You need to use your fingers on parts of the chest, toes, nipples, thighs, fingers, abdomen, legs, neck and every other part that might give sensations to the receiver.

5. Breathing is the key to tantric massage

Breathe constantly to maintain your focus. You need to maintain your breath cycles properly in order to achieve orgasms.

6. All about lingam massage

To begin the lingam massage. First, get your partner in position. Make him lie on his back and make sure that you have access to the genitals. For this, you can keep pillows under his hip and back and ask him to spread legs apart with slight knees bent.

7. Use some natural oils or lube

It is advisable to use natural oil in a massage. It provides a natural fragrance that enhances sexual pleasure. Say a big “No” to a tantric massage that is going to be done without lube or oil, it would not provide you desired pleasure.

8. Massage the testicles

Make sure to do this without hurting him, and going soft and slow
Massage the area between his testicles and anus (perineum), and his area above the penis (public bone). Make sure to give body to body massage with soft hands.

9. Use a variety of strokes

Try out different strokes and techniques on the penis
Switch things from time to time. Make sure you are not entirely repetitive. If you keep on doing the same things, it would not alter orgasms and might bore the receiver. Making sure that your partner receiver orgasm variety is key.

10. Find the “Sacred Spot.”

The sacred spot of men lies midway between the testicles and the anus. Men might find it uncomfortable in the beginning, but soon it will help them expand orgasms to another extent.

11. Quick climax is forbidden

Do not let your men climax, pull back the sensual massage when you see that he is about to orgasm
A tantric massage does not emphasis on orgasm, it focuses on the ride to orgasm, so make sure you let your men receive various levels of sensations. You need to soften the urge of your partner to ejaculate.

12. Finishing the lingam massage

You can finish up the lingam massage either with ejaculation and rest for 5-10 minutes, or you can move forward to having sexual intercourse if all parties are willing.

13. All about yoni massage

To begin the yoni massage. First, get your partner in position. Make her lie on his back and make sure that you have access to the genitals. For this, you can keep pillows under her hip and back and ask him to spread legs apart with slight knees bent.

14. Only use natural lube or oils

On the mound of her vulva, apply a natural oil or lubricant. The oil needs to cover the outer lips and the outer sides of her vulva. You can give an amazing body to body massage if you do not let her get dried.

15. Start slow and gentle

Massage the vulva gently. Keep yourself slow as you massage the vulva, you can vary the pressure, and make a gentle touch on the outer parts of her vulva.

16. Alternate massage techniques

Try out different ways of massaging the labia. Use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the labia and slide your fingers up and down on the entire length of both lips. Make sure to do this with both labia minora and labia majora.

17. Don’t forget the clitoris

Get towards her clitoris and give her a massage there. You can make clockwise and anticlockwise stroking circles around her clitoris. Remember that the goal is not to orgasm. Perform a slow and nice sensual massage.

18. Time to use a finger

Insert your middle finger into her vagina. After giving enough time to the labia and clitoris, you can move towards the vagina. Use your right hand according to a belief in Chakras. The popular belief says that the right hand is positively charged while the genitals are negatively charged.

19. Use more fingers and thumb for variety

Once you see her okay with it, go on with two fingers. You can massage her breasts with your one hand and use two fingers to massage her clitoris. You can use your thumb for altering pleasure

20. Make her orgasm multiple times

To help make them reach orgasm multiple times go slow. Remember to maintain your breath cycles and keep your focus on the orgasms. This will provide your partner with the orgasm they desire to have.

21. Finishing off the yoni massage

To finish the yoni massage, softly remove your hands and give her some time to relax. You can move forward to have sex if both parties are willing, or carry on with intensified fingering, whichever she prefers to have.

Other things you need to know about tantric massage?

As you’ve taken on board the 21 things you need to know about tantric massage, now you can start to apply them. There is obviously much more than 21 things you need to know about tantric massage, so be sure to keep an eye on my blog as I reveal more tantric secrets. For now, take it easy, relax and enjoy, you are now armed with the vital essentials of erotic massage. Good luck! 🙂 


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